Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photography as a school subject

The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers is coming up (3rd week of September, approx.) and the annual photography competition closes tomorrow. It has three levels of competition - Open (over 18 years), Student (up to and including 18 years) and Historical (no age limit, except on the photos ;) ) Well, when I told Beth about this, she wanted to enter. So here are her items for submission to the competition. I'm also thinking of entering them as part of her Yearly Report for next year. I think she would also have to do another set in a few months for comparison purposes, but then, I'm not sure how I would put it in the report. Anyway, it's vaguely learning oriented, and she's happy with the results. She chose the subjects when she took the photos, and she chose which of the photos she wanted to submit. They were all taken at Toowoomba's Botanical Gardens, Queens Park.


Sarah said...

I especially like the first one, very good! How fun!

Jeanne said...

These are great!

Of course photography's a school subject - every bit as much as art or any craft work is.I don't know how they rank those either.